Level 1

Complete the registration and membership steps below. You will be added to our Alumni Association roles and notified at the email address submitted in your registration.

FYI - It will take between 1 and 3 days for our registration elves to perform their magic. Thank you for supporting this Association and our School.

Step 1 - The Front Door

COMPLETE. You had to pass through the door to locate this webpage! Great start. On to...

Step 2 - Registration

It technically a survey, but it serves as our Registration form. Read the brief instructions at the top and note especially that our contact with you is dependent upon your email address.

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Step 3 - Membership

This Step simply launches the FMRHSAA PayPal Donation page. You will have the choice of an Annual or a Lifetime Membership and payment using PayPal or a bank card.

"The math is easy; if you plan to live 8 more years or longer, choose a Lifetime membership. Otherwise, select an Annual membership."

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