Level 3

Easy, peasy: Send a request for a Registration Form and Membership Info to:

Info@fmrhsalumni org

Form and Info will be sent to your email address. Complete the necessary steps and you will be added to our Alumni Association roles and notified at the email address submitted in your registration.

Thank you for supporting this Association and our School.

[ Links were left below in case the grandchildren are in town and available to assist you in joining online! ]

Step 1 - The Front Door

COMPLETE. You had to pass through the door to locate this webpage! Great start. On to...

Step 2 - Registration

It technically a survey, but it serves as our Registration form. Read the brief instructions at the top and note especially that our contact with you is dependent upon your email address.

-- Click Here to Launch Registration --

Step 3 - Membership

This Step simply launches the FMRHSAA PayPal Donation page. You will have the choice of an Annual or a Lifetime Membership and payment using PayPal or a bank card.

"The math is easy; if you plan to live 8 more years or longer, choose a Lifetime membership. Otherwise, select an Annual membership."

-- Click Here to Launch Membership --